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Pickin them off……..
I am shocked, the more I see every day of the mistruths and outright lies of history
Take the Brown brothers for example!
Here is what the State of TN has about John Calvin Brown
The man was not only a racist but was responsible for setting up the first public schools in TN. He made sure there was different schools for Blacks and Whites! He treated the Swiss settler’s of Grundy County only slightly better than he did the Cherokee that had managed to remain in TN. He and brother Neill S Brown where both born and raised in Pulaski TN the renowned birthplace of the KKK. John Calvin Brown was a staunch democrat.
Neill S Brown and brother John were VERY close allies and friends of Thomas M Jones, Nathan Beford Forrest and John Clack, founding members of the Klu Kluz Klan
Now for giggles here is what wiki says about just one brother John Calvin Brown!
Not only did he start the separation of schools in TN thus the beginning of Jim Crow laws but he also advocated for a State Tax!


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